A PB&J without the P, G, or S

So, peanuts and I go way back. To the time when I was eating Cracker Jack, and my parents saw my face swell up and rushed me to a neighbor’s house for Benadryl. And then there was the time I ordered a chocolate chip bagel (pre-gluten-free days) and the baker gave me a peanut butter and chocolate chip bagel instead and I ended up in the Ann Arbor emergency room. Ah, those were the days.

I have no love for peanuts. None.

I used to resent George Washington Carver for bringing them to the masses. I hate the smell of them. I obviously can’t stand the taste of them. So, I’ve never sought out a substitute.

Until I met Sunbutter. Now Sunbutter and I have a little love affair going on. This beautiful spread is made entirely from sunflower seeds, and is Peanut Free and Tree Nut Free. It is made on equipment that processes soybeans, so I’m sorry to say that those of you with soy allergies may want to stay away from it. Darn.

For those of you who can eat soy and want to try Sunbutter, you can currently enter to win a free basket of the good stuff at Simply Gluten Free’s giveaways.

I will say that Sunbutter won’t do wonders for your cholesterol. Just 2 Tablespoons of Sunbutter has 20 grams of fat and 220 calories. But, if you have a child who is losing weight like crazy from going allergy-free, this may be the stuff to feed him. I try to eat it in small doses. Doug eats it by the jarful.

Our other love is fruit-sweetened jam made by St. Dalfour. They are one of the few fruit-sweetened jams made without pineapple juice and without the consistency of baby food. However, the downside is that you pay a small fortune for a small jar. I’m looking into buying it in bulk and canning jam with fruit juice only this summer. But, for now, a little bit of strawberry jam from St. Dalfour is like heaven.

When you pair Sunbutter with strawberry jam on a freshly toasted gluten-free English muffin from Food for Life (typically found in the freezer section of your grocery store), you get an awesome PB&J sandwich that leaves out the peanuts, gluten, and sugar. Oh, and eggs and dairy too.

I dare you. Indulge.



About Janelle

Janelle Holden has spent hundreds of hours coaching people world-wide with celiac disease and food sensitivities how to transition to a gluten-free diet, stop struggling with food, travel with food sensitivities, and do more of the things they love. She is the author of, "Six steps to grab control of your diet and love what you eat" and an award-winning journalist, international coach, and speaker.

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