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Gluten-Free, Vegan Christmas Cookies with Peppermint Frosting

Written by Janelle Holden I’m a big fan of leaving cookies for Santa. And Santa will love these slightly spicy, peppermint-frosted sugar cookies that are gluten-free, grain-free and vegan. In fact, you may have to make several batches so that there are some leftovers for Santa! This recipe is based on a Persian recipe for […]

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A gluten-free, paleo Italian chestnut cake

Written by Janelle Holden Castagnaccio, or Italian chestnut cake, has a rich history. The story goes that Roman soldiers originally carried these chestnut cakes with them on their travels across the Roman Empire. It’s now a rural Italian dessert, often thought of as the poor man’s cake, and typically made at harvest with either rosemary, lemon, […]

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New research about what’s going on in your gut could impact your health and your weight

Written by Janelle Holden It was the Fourth of July and I was busy making a gluten-free pie for the BBQ that evening when I heard the radio announcer say something about a gut check-up and new research. I quickly washed my hands so that I could turn up the volume on the radio. “Researchers […]

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Is gluten making you fat and malnourished?

Written by Maia Toll Is gluten the villain it’s been made out to be in our modern-day food story? When I suggest to a client that they try 2 weeks gluten-free, the response is often “But I’ve been eating it my whole life. It must be okay or I would know by now.” Two fallacies here: […]

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Five good reasons to get tested for celiac disease

Written by Janelle Holden “So your grandmother had lupus …” my naturopath said.   “Yes,” I nodded. “She found out in her late thirties.”   “And your sensitivities to gluten were high on the food allergy panel … ” she continued.   Again, I nodded.   She closed my file and said. “I think you […]

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Should I eat right for my blood type?

Written by Janelle Holden Over the past week I’ve had at least four of my gluten-free clients ask me about the blood type diet and whether they should be eating foods that are “right” for their type. It’s a really great question, and I decided to answer it with a video blog post! Watch and […]

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How to make delicious gluten-free, egg-free meatballs

By Janelle Holden My sister said to me from the front of the car, “You can make meatballs, right?” Right. “Sure,” I mumbled, worried that a gluten-free, egg-free meatball might just be a culinary experiment no one would enjoy eating. Meatballs typically contain bread crumbs, oatmeal, or eggs to make the meat stick together and […]

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How to stay gluten-free and still be the most popular person at the potluck

By Janelle Holden Last month my mother’s best friend spoke the six words I dread hearing the most at a potluck. “I made this special for you!” With a deep smile she delivered into my hands a “special” bowl of creamed corn bread casserole that had been made without dairy. I looked at the pretty […]

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The three biggest mistakes in food journaling

by Janelle Holden I get a lot of resistance from my clients when it comes to food journaling, and I understand why. At some point, they were asked to keep a food journal for their doctor, or naturopath, or even just for themselves, and it went horribly awry. But here’s the thing. If you don’t […]

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Three gluten-free electrolyte replacers

by Janelle Holden I put back the bottle of Vitamin Water on the grocery shelf in disgust. In fact, I was having a moment. Few things can trigger an onslaught of expletives in my mind like the words “natural flavors.” I’m aware that this may only be a first-world problem, but it’s fun to swear […]

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