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What to say to people about your diet

By Janelle Holden   “It’s not easy being green,” sang Kermit the frog. “When green is all there is to be it could make you wonder why. But why wonder, why wonder? I’m green, and it will do fine. It’s beautiful. And I think it’s what I want to be.” Oh, Kermit. You are so […]

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The three biggest mistakes in food journaling

by Janelle Holden I get a lot of resistance from my clients when it comes to food journaling, and I understand why. At some point, they were asked to keep a food journal for their doctor, or naturopath, or even just for themselves, and it went horribly awry. But here’s the thing. If you don’t […]

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What can I give today?

What can I give today? This question can turn a Monday around. Some days I remind myself of a petulant child. I want. I need. I have to. I don’t want to. Don’t make me. It’s all about my lack of … something. It’s all about worry and obsession. Here’s how to get out of […]

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An interview with author Laura B. Russell

by Janelle Holden I think the last time I was in a Chinese restaurant was five years ago. I think. I can still taste the sweet and sour chicken, Mu Shu pork, and fried rice. I remember the crunch of the fortune cookie and scooping the leftovers out for lunch. Oh, the leftovers. Those were […]

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When life doesn’t come easy

I heard a question this week that blew my mind. “What would your life be like if you only did what was easy?” My reaction? Horrible. I’m serious, that was my first answer. I didn’t say it out loud, because the general reaction from the people around me couldn’t have been further from my own. […]

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How self-compassion makes weight-loss easy

by Janelle Holden What was the last thing you said to yourself when you looked in the mirror? Was it nice? Would you say it to your friend? My guess? Probably not. If you’re like most people, you say to yourself, “Look at those thighs. Ugh. So ugly. I have got to lose weight” and […]

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Secrets of the naturally-thin

by Janelle Holden I remember the first time I saw someone eat half a cookie. The woman calmly broke the piece off, nibbled on it for a while, and left the other half in the common area of our staff kitchen for someone else to enjoy later. I had two reactions. First, I took it […]

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5 Simple Gluten-Free Dinner Menu Ideas

As a gluten-free life coach, two of the most common excuses I hear from my clients are: “I don’t have time to eat gluten-free” or “I don’t want to spend that much time in the kitchen.” When I don’t agree with them, they are often surprised. It’s not that I don’t think eating gluten-free and […]

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Irish potato soup for the gluten-free soul

I lost 50 pounds while eating potato chips. And so did my husband. I’m going to let that sink in for a moment. I don’t normally tell people this fact, because for some reason, people think that eating potatoes makes you get fat and want to spend hours on the couch watching Friends re-runs. They […]

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Your Best Year Ever: The Secret to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

Let’s chat for a minute about commitment, shall we? For many years running (like, I don’t know, 15), I had the same tired New Year’s Resolutions. I was going to lose weight. I was going to finish a novel. I was going to get out of debt. I was going to be fabulous. Every year […]

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